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Global Leadership

Developing cross-cultural competency and global agility are essential skills in our interconnected business world. This course builds global leadership skills to help leaders and individual contributors identify national, cultural, and personal blind spots, collaborate effectively across differences, and develop real-world strategies and practices.

Embodied Equity

There is an awakening consciousness of our unjust systems that oppress Black, brown, Indigenous and other racialized peoples. In this program, we work to understand the systems of racial inequity and hierarchy that we live in, how we are complicit, and how we can disrupt. We’ll deepen our awareness of how we embody ways of being, and build our courage and skills to intervene with ourselves and others.


In a 24/7 global business culture that increasingly values speed, multitasking, and getting things done, our distractions are taking more of our time and energy than our highest priority goals. This course develops mindfulness strategies and practices that can immediately be put into use to enable us to focus on our priorities, make better decisions, and lead with greater empathy, compassion, and inclusiveness.

A compassionate person sees himself or herself in every being.
With the ability to view reality from many viewpoints,
we can overcome all viewpoints and act compassionately in each situation.
– Thich Nhat Hanh


We are Beyond Binary Consulting. We offer programs in Global Leadership, Equity, and Mindfulness. We help organizations go beyond habitual, dualistic thinking of either/or to expanded perspectives and possibilities. We elevate mindsets and behaviors to empower clients to lead with more compassion, empathy, awareness, and inclusiveness, enabling greater organizational effectiveness.

We care about…

• equity
• leading with integrity
• inspiring courage to take right action
• building a better world

We grow leaders to be…

• globally agile
• equity-minded
• able to move beyond binary (either/or) to multi-centered (both/and) thinking
• mindful, courageous, and effective 

We are driven by values of…

• love and service
• peace, joy, kindness, and compassion
• heart and higher self 
• justice, equality, and equity
• courage
• self-awareness and change

We have...

• a growth mindset
• a learning orientation
• a belief in growing through joy, rather than struggle
• a combined 40+ years of experience and expertise
• mindfulness and meditation practices

Meet the Team

Kendra Carpenter

Kendra Carpenter

Co-Founder, Global Leadership Skills and Embodied Equity Facilitator

I believe every moment is an opportunity to tune into what’s happening, bring oneself into that moment with more kindness, compassion, and integrity, and, as a result, act with greater wisdom. To be a leader today, in our global, interconnected world, requires the wisdom gained from many such intentional moments. It requires the ability to pause and reflect, to recognize one’s impact and adjust, to connect across differences, and to interact with greater empathy and cross-cultural awareness. That’s where I’ve spent my career, helping clients around the world to broaden perspectives, bridge differences, disrupt inequitable patterns, and build more mindful, inclusive teams. 

I’ve been doing this work for almost 20 years, working with leaders and multicultural teams in Asia, North America, and South America. While I’m originally from the U.S., I’ve lived and worked outside of it for a decade, spending over half of that time in India.

I care deeply for others, and that care, along with sincerity and ethics, define my approach. Joining with my Partner CEO Farhad Desai has been a tremendous gift and has amplified the impact of our work. Our shared values of peace, love and joy, and our mindfulness practice inspire programs that transform mindsets and behaviors in powerful, lasting ways.

Farhad Desai

Co-Founder, Global Leadership Skills and Mindfulness Facilitator

For over 20 years I have worked with clients from all over the world, offering cross-cultural solutions, communication training, and global executive coaching, while living in Canada, the USA, the Middle East, and India. In that time, I’ve seen changes in how we relate to each other, how we see our ourselves and our countries, how we live, and how we view business around the world. These are paradigm shifts, and they require paradigm shifts within each of us.

The common thread that has allowed me to continuously learn, grow, and develop the competencies necessary for this changing world has been my daily meditation practice. When I started it in the early 1990s, it never occurred to me that this would be an essential skill for business leaders around the world. I started it because it brought me peace, clarity, focus, perspective, compassion, and empathy. 

I believe that peace is possible one person at a time, one commute at a time, one meeting at a time, one conversation at a time, one distraction at a time, and even one argument at a time. Finding peace within. Working and living with peace. Providing for one’s self and one’s family with peace. Resonating peace in all thoughts, words, and actions. This is the most important work we can do.

As a leader, I believe that I’m responsible for creating a safe, inclusive environment that puts all around me in a position to succeed. More than anything else, this is what meditation and mindfulness have helped me accomplish.

Co-founding Beyond Binary Consulting with Kendra Carpenter has allowed us to combine our strengths and years of experience and offer it to companies as a way to nurture, grow, and develop businesses globally, equitably, and mindfully.

Farhad Desai


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