Challenging our Cultural Stories about Race and Racism

interrupting our dominant stories, co-creating new ones, and upending the racist status quo


Thursday 17 June 2021

11am – 12:15pm ET

“Kendra’s course on anti-racism increased my awareness around issues of white supremacy and racism. I grew in my understanding of the ways I can intervene and recommit to my lifelong journey of interrupting racism. Kendra is an outstanding instructor and her own commitment to this work shines through in this program.” – Anti-racism Course for White Women Participant, Fall 2020

Every national culture has its myths – the collective stories we believe, pass down, and enact about who we are and how we are as a society.


These collective, dominant stories elevate and benefit some at the expense of many others. For example, in the U.S. and Canada, our dominant stories emphasize meritocracy, individualism, and progress, while at the same time, they conceal stories of racial inequity and injustice.


When our dominant stories hide inequities, we fail to address and correct them.


In this webinar, we’re focused on two primary questions: What stories maintain and reproduce an unequal racial status quo? What stories challenge it?


With a critical lens using Lee Anne Bell’s framework, we’ll explore dominant cultural stories about race and racism (stock stories) and stories that challenge the status quo (concealed and resistance stories). We’ll then work to consciously develop emerging stories – “new stories” Bell says, “that contest the racial status quo and offer alternative visions for democratic and socially just relations.”


Join us, and pay what you can! Open to all interested in developing anti-racist awareness and commitment to action. 20% of revenue goes to both the Innocence Project (U.S.) and Indspire (Canada). 


Cost: We have a sliding scale, and encourage you to pay what you can (below).


When: Thursday, June 17, 2021, from 11am-12:15pm ET. Zoom link shared when register.


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“By illuminating the ways in which we perpetuate racism through our conditioning, we open up the potential to actively undermine it.” – Alex Vlasic

For questions, please contact kendra (at) beyondbinaryconsulting.com