The Anti-racist white woman:

identifying & disrupting unconscious patterns of dominance and building skills for racial justice

“Generally believing in the equality of all people does not erase the socialization of white dominance embedded in a white person’s psyche… By illuminating the ways in which we perpetuate racism through our conditioning, we open up the potential to actively undermine it.” – Alex Vlasic

Are you coming to terms with your position as a white woman/white-presenting woman in our unethical and harmful racialized hierarchy?


White women have been conditioned to be complicit with and uphold, patriarchal white supremacist systems in specific, gendered ways. Women of color have shared how white women often act as a ‘wedge’ that blocks their progress.


White women’s history of participating in white supremacist systems, by enabling white male patriarchy, centering our comfort, maintaining innocence, foregoing our agency, and prioritizing white feminism are aspects of that wedge.


We can take responsibility for our position – and act as a bridge instead of a wedge. 


Learn how white women’s identity is used to enable patriarchal white dominant cultural norms, and ways we can disrupt it. 


Cost: ALL profits after paying guest presenters are donated to The Movement for Black Lives. We have a sliding scale, and encourage you to pay what you can (below).


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“To be a white woman in American society is to benefit from the white supremacy that is enmeshed in every part of a country that was created off the backs of enslaved Black people. To believe that your gender protects you from being complicit in the oppression of people of color is to erase history. Not understanding your white privilege is the same kind of mind frame that was used by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the suffragettes who fought for only white women’s right to vote, and the white mothers who played an outsized role in fighting against school desegregation. It also ignores the way that the protection of white womanhood has been used to justify the slaughtering of Black men.” – Liz Plank

Unsplash photo by Japheth Mast.